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Table 2 Nodulation and N 2 fixation properties of Ensifer meliloti 4H41 on various hosts

From: High-quality permanent draft genome sequence of Ensifer meliloti strain 4H41, an effective salt- and drought-tolerant microsymbiont of Phaseolus vulgaris

Legume Species Legume Tribe Nod * Fix Comment
Argyrolobium uniflorum Genisteae Nod- Fix-  
Genista saharae Genisteae Nod- Fix-  
Medicago ciliaris Trifolieae Nod- Fix-  
Medicago laciniata Trifolieae Nod- Fix-  
Medicago sativa Trifolieae Nod- Fix-  
Medicago truncatula Trifolieae Nod- Fix-  
Phaseolus vulgaris Phaseoleae Nod+ Fix+ Highly effective
Retama raetam Genisteae Nod- Fix-  
  1. *‘+’ and ‘-’ denote presence or absence, respectively, of nodulation (Nod) or N2 fixation (Fix).