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Figure 2

From: Complete genome sequence of endophytic nitrogen-fixing Klebsiella variicola strain DX120E

Figure 2

Phylogenetic tree of 16S rRNA gene sequences showing the position of Klebsiella variicola strain DX120E (). Escherichia coli ATCC 11775T is used as an outgroup. The sequences were aligned with the CLUSTAL W program and were constructed with the neighbor-joining algorithm and the Kimura 2-parameter model integrated in the MEGA 5.2 program [22]. The phylogenetic tree was tested with 1,000 bootstrap replicates. Bootstrap values are shown at the nodes. The GenBank accession numbers of the sequences are indicated in parentheses. The scale bar represents a 1% nucleotide sequence divergence. Note that the genome of strain DX120E, F2R9T (DSM 15968T), or Kp342 contains eight copies of 16S rRNA genes; these gene sequences are generally not identical but phylogenetically grouped together (data not shown). The sequence of DX120E (HQ204296) used to construct the phylogenetic tree is identical to the sequence of locus tag KR75_09260 (CP009274:1935034–1936587).

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